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Main Services

Disclaimer: Price is subject to change based on the breed, coat condition, size and dog’s temperament.

Full Service

Bath & Haircut

Includes a Hydrosurge bath with premium shampoo, haircut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed and full-body brush out.

X-Large = $90-120
Large = $80-90
Medium = $70-80
Small = $60-70

Dog Bath

Cleaning Only

Includes a Hydrosurge bath with premium shampoo, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed and brush out.

Large Long-Haired = $65 & up
Large Short-Haired = $55
Medium Long-Haired = $45 & up
Medium Short-Haired = $40 & up
Small Long-Haired = $35 & up
Small Short-Haired = $30


Use Our Bath

Wash your dog in one of our state-of-the-art BathPro Bathing Systems. We’ll include all the supplies you’ll need! No need to clean after, leave the mess to us!
Not available at our Dana Point location.

All Sizes = $18
No Appointment Needed!

More Services

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Brush Out

Comb & Nails Trimmed

All Pets = $20 & up


Face, Feet, Nails & Sanitary

All Pets = $20 & up

Cat Bath

Bath, Nails, Ears & Sanitary
(If Necessary)

All Cats = $45 & up (Depending on condition of cat)

Cat Haircut

Haircut, Bath, Nails & Ears Cleaned

All Cats = $75 & up

Nail Trim

Nails Only

All Pets = $10

No Appointment Needed!

Nail Grinding

Nails Only

All Pets = $15

No Appointment Needed!

Anal Gland Expression

Maintenance & Cleaning

All Pets = $10

No Appointment Needed!

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